et nos in via

words will be words
laws will be laws
a paltry piece of paper
signed and passed on

but do they stop
to comprehend?
but do they stop
to feel..
their people
their struggles
their will
and their zeal?

they will not stop
until this battle is won
this eternal struggle
they will overcome

they will not chant
they will not scream
they will not let worthless words
sway their minds
and shatter their dreams

with a stoic mind
and a bleeding heart

with this song as their anthem:
we shall overcome

Standing Man

Roughly “Stoikiy muzhik” in Russian.

When you least expect me to,
I will stand.
When you think you’ve broken me,
I will stand.

I will scream,
I will stand.
I will live,
No matter what,
Thats who I am.

I will rise,
Above the turmoil.
I will rise,
Above the chaos.
I can.

I will stand,
With strength,
With spirit,
With heart.

In the embers of love,
In the chambers of death,
I will stand,
Standing man.


Their eyes met,
And for a second,
Everything made sense.

He saw in her,
His whole world,
A future,
And a life.

Her words mislead,
But her eyes spoke the truth,
His pounding heart approved,
He was pleased.

A leap of faith,
Is all it took,
She was his,
And he was hers.


Live free and unoppressed,

For a man who is bound,

His soul is forever made to bend.

Does he lament,

Or fight for himself?

Does he claim his right,

Embrace his role?

Or brood over mishaps,

And pray for a miracle?

Your inner voice can guide you,

Trust it and it can imbibe you,

With qualities that your heart has always desired.

Break free and disobey,

Conventions that control and dominate.

Think, feel, breathe,

And live life with zeal.


Deep blue sea,

Beautiful, calm and serene,

Calling to me.

Drowning all my sorrows and regrets,

Along with me.

No hope left,

The will to live gone,

A hollow vessel,

Soulless and lost.


But barely existing,


But barely perceiving,


But thinking about dying.

Water singing to me,

Lulling me to sleep.

Its heavy influence,

Calming me,

Making me weak.

No will to live,

No will to die,

Drifting in the sea,

In a state of limbo,

Stuck in eternity.

This poem holds a lot of importance to me. It serves as a reminder that I should never lose confidence and faith in myself ever again.

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